Ultraslim Sliding Doors

We also offer two ranges of slimline sliding doors, designed to minimise the Aluminium on show and maximise the light coming into a property and make the most of the the view.  

Like the folding doors we offer our doors come in a choice of economical or high end.

The economical doors come with just 40mm of Aluminium visible between the panels (sash overlap) for a stunning architectural feature.  The high end 'Minimal' doors can have all four sides of the track recessed into the plasterboard and then just has a 35mm sleek powdercoated aluminium frame around all four sides of the glass.

Due to the varying and bespoke nature of these products it is best to contact us for an individual quotation.  However to give you an idea some example prices are below:

2 panels on 2 tracks - 3000mm x 2200mm = £2500 Economical  / (£3000) Minimal

2 panels on 2 tracks - 4000mm x 2500mm = £3150 / (£4500)

3 panels on 3 tracks - 4500mm x 2100mm = £3750 / (£4250)

4 panels on 2 tracks - 5000mm x 2300mm = £4150 / (£5200)

    All prices include glass 

Section details are available from our download page.