20mm Ultraslim Sliding Door - UK made

So the market appears to be travelling full circle....

Poor quality sliding doors rightly got a bad reputation in the early 90's as being clunky, heavy and something that one was forced to have.  Then along came bifolding doors and the market was rightly turned on it's head.

Sliding doors have made a bit of a comeback.....

The argument goes that (apart from this crazy weather we have had of late) that 'doors' in the UK are generally closed.  We may open them fully 15-20 times a year but for the most part they are closed.  The new generation on sliding doors is about celebrating this and removing as much visible framework as possible and maximising the glass area.  An arms race has ensued to see who can manufacture a workable door with the slimmest possible sightlines... 

Let me introduce you to the winner

Just 20mm (2cm) of frame seperates adjacent panels.  Flush tracks are standard and you can even recess the top and side tracks too achieving unparalleled percentages of glass, maximising the light and truly bringing the garden into the home

From £450 + VAT per sq m for 2 tracks with the standard 2 week service and just an additional £100 + VAT per sq m for the expedited 1 week service!!

50% payment on order / 50% immediately prior to delivery

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