Aluminium Folding Doors

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Our folding doors are constructed from a 60mm deep thermally broken Aluminium profile.

With regards to the width of aluminium that is seen between adjoining panels when the doors are closed then we are firm believers of the 'less is more' school of thought.  As such we offer two options - either the economical door (which starts at £1300 for a 3 panel set and has a 'loss of glass of 124mm) or indeed the slimline door (from £1550 for a 3 panel door but with the same dimension being just 100mm!).  Please refer to our downloads section for more detail

We now also offer standard sized doors in the Economical profile for even more great savings:

2400 x 2100 (3 panels) = £1300

3000 x 2100 (3 panels) = £1400

4000 x 2100 (4 panels with traffic door) = £1760

In both instances the doors weight is suspended from the rollers at the top of the door meaning that the bottom track can be as short in height as possible and unlike other systems on the market the rollers are not running along the bottom track where they may need to roll across or over dust and grit on the track.  We can of course provide floor supported options if your build requires

The doors are factory glazed but if the glass is required to be removed for service or replacement then this can simply be done by removing the internal gasket that secures the clip in glazing beads.